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Sample of Internet Article Comments Section

Article: "Dying Child Miraculously Recovers From Fatal Disease, Donates 10 Billion Dollars to Foster Care for Children Who’s Parents Were Suddenly Killed in a Horrific Natural Disaster"




-who cares?


-who gives a fuck?


-Maybe they should look around at some causes that really need it

-“Miraculous recovery”? Yeah I’d say taxpayers will be on the hook for this


-How does a child get 10 billion?

-Who gives a fuck?

-I remember when you guys posted good articles, not this liberal crap

-Who cares?

-WTF was wrong with the parents all dying and shit?






-So sad this is what the youth today consider “important”

-Who gives a fuk?


Morning wake-up: Watch 9 year old Li-sa-X shred the shit out an electric guitar

Japan wins.  Why are we all pretending to be equal?  Just let them rule us.

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Cadillac Commercial Draws Funny Looks

I was watching Real Time with Bill Mahar the other night, and they brought up this ad above done by Cadillac, and it has gotten a mixed reaction.

My thoughts on it? Ugh.

Look, the general message is basically clear - hard work equals success.  A great message, unless of course you think about all those people working extremely hard and still living a lower class life.  But I digress.  It was an attempt at motivating.

The ad has a few points that ruin it however.  

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It Is Sad What Is Happening In The USA


So much was made during the Romney campaign about “takers” and republicans and media like Fox News continue to hitch their horse to that wagon.  However in my opinion, this is doing nothing for the country other than making those in need feel like they are garbage.

Republicans (represented by Fox News) try and position themselves as the party that inspires hard work and a great America - all while shaming those who need help (see their image above).  Wasn’t it said that the greatest users of programs like food stamps are military families?  What about all those families who have heavy medical bills and poor medical coverage, who can barely live month to month and need help?  Sure, some people take advantage of this aid, but it is more important to help those who need it.  The gap between the rich and poor is well documented. 

I feel bad for those people - ironically enough, many who reside in red states - who work hard every day but can’t get ahead without assistance. They must feel like shit every time Fox News does a story about the USA being a nation of takers. 

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The Walking Dead is Getting a Tad Boring, Yes?




OK, who decided to do entire episodes focused on 1 or 2 characters only? Starting with the “Governor” episodes pre-Xmas, and now the recent ones since the gang all left the prison, these episodes are, quite frankly, boring. It seems like they are building momentum towards a big meeting again,…

This post is wrong in everyway. I’m disappointed you can’t view in the only way it’s suppose to be seen. All of these recent episodes should be seen as CHARACTER BUILDING.

The second half of the season is about character building. We learn more about Bob, Beth get’s rid of Daryl’s demons, we learn of Michonne’s past, Carl is more indepeneant, Tyreese has a lot of responsibility, etc. It’s amazing, because we become attached to these characters, and let’s face it; a show where you aren’t drawn to fall in love with characters, enjoying them in the show, having a crush or two, or any personality whatsoever, then what’s the point in making any show. The show is has zombies (Walkers). The show has character & personality. The show keeps me on the edge of my seat. Any character can die at anytime. Being out in the open/on the run/looking for a new place, is just as entertaining then being stuck in, let’s say a prison, for however long, and not much happening. I would be annoyed if the show was just walkers, walkers and more walkers (even though that’s what it’s about/and named). I would be annoyed if the show had action, action and more action all the damn time. And which is why I’m glad they move on from place to place, as new people are introduced, new area, and could be potentially dangerous *ahem* get ready for season 5 with Negan & Lucille *ahem*. Yeah i’ll agree, the epiosdes have been slow. But what’s happened in the episodes, things we find out and well, the whole build up of something epic about to happen, that’s just pure genius :) Many people must really not say these latest are boring, and see them for what they are: CHARACTER BUILDING. Rant over.

I understand character building… but they don’t need to spend entire episodes following the same 2 or 3 people around.  Some characters have already been kicking around for 3 seasons now - we know enough about them.  The show is ultimately popular because of the scenario they are in.  I don’t care much for endless walker killings, but I do want episodes to be at least interesting.  Nothing significant has REALLY happened since they left the prison.  Just a lot of wandering and surviving.  At least as a group, in a camp/base, things stayed pretty fresh.

Call of Doody Ghosts

There are some things I enjoy about COD Ghosts… and then there is the rest of it.  I just have to rant against the ridiculous spawning issues in this game.  I just died 3 times in about 10 seconds taking all of about 10 steps in total.  One of the times, I spawned, took a step and was knifed in the back.  I have spawned many times where a guy is basically running right at me shooting before I have a chance to move an inch.  And who doesn’t love the “spawn under an attack helicopter”!? 

Not sure why I play this game still, it has so many infuriating things about it.  The oracle and glowing orange sites are just hilarious.  If PS4 had more games in their catalogue, this would be gathering dust unfortunately.  It made some good strides in some areas, but overall has created an, at times, mind-numbingly frustrating game to play.

The Walking Dead is Getting a Tad Boring, Yes?

OK, who decided to do entire episodes focused on 1 or 2 characters only?  Starting with the “Governor” episodes pre-Xmas, and now the recent ones since the gang all left the prison, these episodes are, quite frankly, boring.  It seems like they are building momentum towards a big meeting again, but this is a show that many people would comment about on facebook and twitter after almost every episode.  Now, you would hardly know anyone is watching it based on the limited comments that I see.

Everything to this season was entertaining, watching group dynamics and how they dealt with their new reality surrounded by zombies.  However, I have little interest in watching 2 people for an hour wander through the woods, and clear houses, and collect supplies.  I get that it is an attempt to learn more about the people, but I find the episodes end and I feel like “That`s it?” more often than not these days.

The Walking Dead built up a lot of buzz and momentum in the early seasons, but I can`t help but feel like they are undoing it somewhat with these slow episodes showing nothing we haven`t seen before a thousand times.

True Detective Finale Thoughts

The series is over, and I have to say, I was left with an empty feeling after that final episode.  Not that I didn’t enjoy every second of it, and the adventure into the sick world of Errol Childress was terrifying.  And I like that both Marty and Rust lived, despite the expectations for a gloomy finish with certain death.

But the episode played out like the end of a typical Hollywood movie, complete with the “down but not out” hero managing enough strength to fire off one last perfect shot before his partner is killed.  Worst of all, they left so many questions unanswered - questions that will NEVER be answered since there is no sequel to this story.  They even threw in a one liner from Rust where he briefly complained they didn’t get them all.

I loved this show… loved the pace… loved the fans discussing all the details of the show and pointing out all the evidence.  I really wish they could have squeezed out one more episode - they could have slowed down the final discovery of Errol as the killer, and also fired together some explanations of the other mysteries.  Why did Marty’s daughter show every sign of being exposed to this cult? Did the Reverend die accidentally, and if not, who killed him (Doesn’t seem like an “Errol” thing to do simply because a tape was stolen)?  Who were the other men in the tape?  Who else was involved in the Tuttle/Childress family mess? Did Maggie and her family have anything to do with this?

Oh well.  It was still a great series.

Have we seen the Yellow King?

Almost everywhere I look I see people agreeing that the lawnmower man is the scarey spaghetti monster we have heard so much about.  Yet the description we have heard from a few people is that he is “the worst”, with bad scars around the mouth and neck area.  Also, where are the green ears? He doesn’t have green ears, and they have never shown him with earphones on.

My guess might be that the father of these kids who did this, scarred a bunch of them, and we only saw one of them.  The much feared green eared spaghetti monster with the horrible scarring around the mouth may still be unseen to this point.

True Detective Ends Tonight

Looking forward to it.  The speculating has been fun the last few days.  I think a few things are bound to happen.

-Maggie’s father will be a key player in the cult.

-There will be 5 major players in this cult, as shown in the video, as outlined by the beer can people, the doll scenes created by the daughter etc. The reverend has died, some say he was probably the Yellow King - but who would have ordered his death once he lost the incriminating video? And is the King one of the 5, or the guy who commands 5 others?

-Lawnmower man probably isn’t the guy in charge, but certainly part of it, as it seems like he rounded up and recruited many of the missing girls.

-Marty’s daughter Audrey will be a major story.  She will either be found as the next victim, or they will solve the crime and rescue her.  Everything she has done since a child indicates she has first hand exposure to this cult.

I think Marty is just now figuring it all out, and not truly involved.  I think if Rust experiences something awful, he kills himself in some way as he is a miserable person who spoke about killing himself in the past.

It’s still unclear whether or not Maggie knows what’s happening.  My gut says she does, or at least she knows her Dad was up to no good and has been trying to protect him along the way.

Should be a good finale! I wish it was 2 hours long though.